Loyalty Program

Sourced By Thatcher offers a competitive loyalty program to ensure clients are rewarded for continuously purchasing from the store. 

Every 3 items purchased from the store will make you eligible for a 25% discount on the 4th item. Message the store for your unique discount code (info@sourcedbythatcher.com) once you meet requirements as this is not an automatic discount applied to purchase.


  • If purchasing 4 items in one order, we will discount the lowest value item by 25%. 
  • If purchasing items separately, the 4th order will be discounted by 25%. 
  • Your discount will be rejected if the buyer finds a way to discount an item that is not the lowest value, either by:
    • Purchasing 3 items in one order and the 4th in another.
    • Purchasing 2 items in one order and the other 2 in another.
    • (Rules only applies to purchases made in short succession e.g. within 1 week of each other).